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How it Works?

1. Submit your application

You just have to introduce us your Instagram account. We will ask you what your account is about and why we should work with you. Obviously, it is free and will always be.

2. Jury validation

The Banana Ads Jury is a group of social media experts. They will take time to review all applications. You will quickly receive and answer telling you if you have been accepted.

3. Choose a mission

You will have access to premium missions from brands in the same philosophy as your account. Missions are made of a media you will have to post on your Instagram account.

4. Publish the content

We will explain you step by step how to do. Brands can require different terms like posting at a particular time of the day, we will help you to publish a perfect post !

5. Let the magic happens

You will have to let the post a minimum time on your account. Your followers will like / comment and maybe will ask you for more informations about the brand.

6. Earn money

If you respected all the requirements of the brand, you will automatically get paid. You can cash out your money as soon as you earn more than 10$. We pay you in less than 72h.


• Custom Tailored Payments

• Top Payouts from Advertisers

• Dedicated affiliate managers


• Real-time, easy tracking solutions

• Publisher anti-fraud measures

• Fully US CAN-SPAM compliant

Banana Ads is the world largest Instagram influencers platform

By joining us you will be part of a cumulated audience of 139,121,455 followers and still counting.